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It is our customers who can evaluate the quality of our audits and training courses in the best way. We asked a couple of them for their experiences with AQS. In the following are their responses:

"I enjoyed how the instructor had practical experience of conducting IOSA audits and I found it very helpful to discuss actual occurrences related to auditing the ISARPS.”

Kristinn Hjörleifsson, First Officer, Air Atlanta Icelandic, IOSA Airline Auditor Training, Frankfurt, March 2018

"The course is very practicable and professionally oriented. The instructor is very experienced and professional in the area. I especially liked the case studies which gave practical way to use the knowledge."

Ekaterina Kuleshova, Quality Manager, Sky Gates Airlines, SMS Risk Assessment Training for MROs, Frankfurt, November 2017

"The course gave me a good overview on the idea and the implementation of quality within the EASA and IOSA regulatory system. The incorporation of SMS knowledge and actual auditor experience by the trainer made the course even more valuable for me. The training methods using a combination of presentation and practical audit trainings with video steps and workshops were very effective for understanding how to perform audits as well as how to behave when being audited.”

Tom Becker, Cpt., Quality Pilot / Auditor Operations, TUIfly GmbH, Aviation Auditor Training, Frankfurt, April 2016

"Attending the course gave me the opportunity to learn from other's experience and knowledge. The IOSA Airline Auditor Training is a refresher of the IOSA concept and is focussed on the main pillars of quality. I would really recommend the course to my colleagues, the structure of the course met my expectations.”

Aaesha Al Shamsi, Flight Operations Auditor, Emirates, IOSA Airline Auditor Training, Hong Kong, November 2015

"The very knowledgeable instructor was able to recall actual practical examples to enhance the training experience. The course met my expectation in a way that it covered both current IOSA program and the future direction of the program. This allows me to better understand and plan my company’s move to IOSA."

Robert MacGregor, General/Accountable Manager, Texel Air, IOSA Auditor Training, Hong Kong, July 2014

"What I liked most about the course were the clear and practical examples. Furthermore all questions have been answered satisfactorily. Discussions have been allowed at all times. The course has been prepared in an exceptional way. It was well organized and the course materials were excellent."

Sabine Neujahr, Department Postholder Ground Ops, Condor, SMS Complete Training, Frankfurt, May 2014

"I really enjoyed the excellent examples to understand how the implementation of the IOSA programme can provide guidance to AOC holders, promoting the correction of internal deficiencies for their own MS, contributing for the overall Safety programme. I embraced this training on my own independent and private initiative. It was an excellent opportunity to get familiarized with IOSA requirements and its 'modus operandi'."

Luis Miguel Antunes, Air Operations Manager, ICKC, IOSA Airline Auditor Training, Frankfurt, April 2014

"I like the interaction between the trainer and the participants. The role play exercises are impressive. There are many soft skills that are included within the course which are very useful. Also the role play exercises make it easier for the participants to understand."

Kwan Lok Kan, Assistant Manager Ground Services and Cargo, Hong Kong Dragon Airlines, Aviation Auditor Training, Hong Kong, March 2014

"The practical approach and the real life situations used as references by the instructor areparticularly notable. The course has imparted me the knowledge that is required for an auditor. It teaches you everything. Really interesting."

Utori Abdulaziz Uye, Instructor / Internal auditor, Nigerian College of Aviation Technologies, Aviation Auditor Training, Frankfurt, March 2014

"What I really liked about the course was the fact that I will be able to put the content learned into a lot of different aspects of our operations and my daily work. Also the contents and methods broadened my horizon and showed me a new way of working / analyzing problems and issues. The course was well structured and based on practical examples."

Sven Wulfert, Station Planer / Quality Pilot, Aviapartner, SMS / Risk Assessment Training, Aviapartner, February 2014

"The course is very effective in meeting our present requirements to establish CASS. It did meet our expectations in detailing risk methodologies that I believe are very suitable to CASS."

Elsayed Emara Gaafar, Principal Engineer Structures, Saudi Airlines, SMS / Risk Assessment  Training, Saudi Airlines, February 2014

"The course is very well structured and the instructor has a lot of experience in the industry; vivid presentations with real-life scenarios and comprehensive follow-up analysis. It is one of the best and most professional courses that I have attended. I was able to develop a new point of view and mindset which changed my attitude towards the work of an auditor. I will definitely integrate the new content into my workplace."

Kevin Chiu Ka Lok, Engineering (Line Maintenance), Cathay Pacific Airways, Aviation Auditor Training, Dezember 2013

"What I liked about the course was the easy preparation, fast contacts, quality material and the very well prepared instructor. The course clarified all IOSA sectors and aspects for our upcoming renewal audit, allowing our team to be focused in the exact and correct way."

Wladimir Pinchiaro Jr., A320 Captain / Safety and Quality Assurance Manager, Avianca Brazil, IOSA Auditor Training, Avianca Brazil, November 2013

"The course was suitable for me since I have been on the opposite side, as an auditee for the last eight years. I learned how to do it in a practical way. The course met my expectations in the way the course instructor built up progressively step by step, to finally get it all together in an achievable way."

Joe Fava, Cabin Safety & Compliance Officer, Air Malta, Aviation Auditor Training, Frankfurt, November 2013

"The course itself was an enhancement to my existing knowledge of IOSA. It also clarifies interpretations of the ISARPs and the links or liaison between the various IOSA documentations and equally important bits or pieces about Auditor actions."

Gerard Edmond, Head Quality and Safety, Air Seychelles, IOSA Airline Auditor Training, Air Seychelles, November 2013

"I liked the opportunities to review the ISARPs and gain a better understanding of their meaning and requirements. The course assisted me to understand the precise process for the renewal of IOSA."

Glaucia Faryniuk, Quality Officer and Auditor, Etihad Airways, IOSA Airline Auditor Training, Etihad Airways, November 2013

"I enjoyed the depth of subject knowledge displayed by the instructor and the participative nature of the case studies and group exercises. The course content covered all the areas that I needed knowledge on and the exercises simulated real audit situations and prepared me for the real audit world."

Edwin S Munyari, Technical Coordinator, Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies, Aviation Auditor Training, Hong Kong, November 2013

"The course structure was interactive, informative and lively, making for well-informed content delivery and receipt. It provided current tools and methods applicable to aviation sector for managing and implementing an SMS and building on Risk Assessment and Management processes."

Ken Sewell, Group Operations Standards (AUS/NZ, HKG, JJP, SIN, VIET), Jetstar, SMS Complete Hong Kong, October 2013

"The course material and programme are well developed. The course provides a clear and easy understanding of the concept of SMS and how to setup an SMS within a company."

Man Chung Ho, Quality Assurance, Dragonair, SMS Complete Hong Kong, October 2013

"The course was held in a very effective and relevant manner.  Well prepared trainer and documentation. The course provided more knowledge in how to apply the ISARPS, the auditing techniques and methodologies."

Asad Alam, Ground Services, Qatar Airways, IAT, Frankfurt, September 2013

"The SMS Complete course was very informative with well-tailored practical exercises that are a good preparation for an individual in order to use and apply in the work field. The courses did meet my expectations and the purpose why attending such a course was fulfilled."

Amer Al Majed, Flight Safety and Quality Assurance Manager, Kuwait Airways, SMS Complete, Frankfurt, May 2013

"The most effective part of the AAT course were the practical exercises and the group work, because during those group works you could show your personal understanding on certain things and misunderstandings in interpretation could be corrected immediately. In my opinion all five training days fulfilled my expectations; the amount of information was exactly right for our possibilities to understand it."

Mantvydas Latvenas, Pilot, SCAT Airways, AAT, Shymkent, May 2013

"The style of the presenter made the learning process very enjoyable. The course met my expectations and I now have a full understanding of the IOSA Auditor processes."

Guy Marshall, Leader Safety Assurance Audit, Virgin Australia, IAT, Brisbane, May 2013

"This course is highly recommendable. I expected a high quality service from AQS and that was met in every way. What I particularly liked was the highly experienced and qualified instructor and the group exercises which were very helpful to put the learned theory into practice. Furthermore I was pleased to have the possibility to build up a network with a variety of aviation professionals."

Timothy van Langeveld and Steven van Kanten, Consultant, VLK Aerospace, AAT, April 2013

"What I liked about the course was that it was taught thoroughly and comprehensively. One important aspect which was set out in detail is the difference in law from a company’s point of view in contrast to an authority’s perspective. There was room for different opinions and good discussions. In summary it can be said, that it gave a lot of insight into management systems in aviation and it leads to an overall better understanding of aviation."

Heidi Niemimuukko, Director, Trafi, IMST, April 2013

"The IAT course was held in a practically relevant way and was therefore very effective. The course is well designed not to stick to theory only but with a lot of practical problems to test the mind. It is advantageous in two ways, on the one hand it helps you as an auditee to prepare for IOSA and on the other hand it trains you to be a better auditor if that opportunity arrives."

Clyde Noronha, OPS Quality Auditor, Qatar Airways, IAT Frankfurt, March 2013

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