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With our many years of experience in auditing, we specifically use our knowledge to assist you with a safety and quality related analysis based on the Department of Defense (DoD) Audit, in the case that you were identified as a potential awardee or would like to become a CRAF carrier. 

To become a CRAF carrier, the air operator must be certificated in the US and must possess an FAA FAR Part 121 certificate. Additionally, the air carrier must demonstrate 12 months of continuous service equivalent to the service sought by DoD. Furthermore, the air carrier must meet minimum participation levels as 15% of CRAF capable fleet shall be offered for cargo operations and 30% of fleet for passenger operations. The air carrier must be a DoD approved operator and if not it has to prepare a DoD Statement of intent.

In general, it can be stated that a DoD contracting agency identifies a commercial air carrier as a potential awardee on a DoD contract and not the air carrier requests for DoD approval. An exception is if the air carrier wants to become a Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) carrier. 

The DoD standard is also interesting for air carriers that want to participate in the Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) program, which is a voluntary contractual program where US air carriers agree to augment organic military airlift during a crisis in exchange for access to peacetime defense business. CRAF carriers are contracted daily to transport cargo and passenger airlift missions for the DoD and are inspected on a regular basis. 

The US-Department of Defense (DoD) monitors and oversees commercial air carriers conducting business for them inside and outside of US. AQS offers a service to audit approved commercial air carriers against the conformity of the criteria set by the Department of Defense. 

In the following you can find the requirements established by the DoD in order to become an approved commercial air carrier:

- Title 10, US Code, Section 2640

- DOD Instruction 4500.53

- 32 Code Federal Regulations Part 861

- Be FAR Part 135 or 121 certificated and must have 12 months of continuous service equivalent to the service sought by the DoD. 

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