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IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) is an audit system for the evaluation of the operational processes and management systems of airlines. The programme was designed to optimise operational processes. IOSA standardises audits so that they are comparable on a world-wide basis thus enabling the joint use of the audit reports. This leads to a definite decrease in the total number of audits and to an extensive saving of costs for the IOSA participating airlines. Aviation Quality Services is the world’s first IATA accredited Audit Organisation and as such is authorised to conduct audits for IOSA registration.

The audit reports are valid for two years and can be accessed by interested parties upon approval of the audited airline.

Please understand, that acting as your independent audit organisation, we cannot provide preparation services in this context as it would create a conflict of interest in the light of the IOSA programme requirements (understand why).

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Highly qualified auditors and targeted support
  • Reduction of costs and audit resource requirements
  • Elimination of audit redundancy through mutual acceptance of audit reports
  • Improved operations
  • Increased and simplified code share opportunities
  • Continuous updating of standards to reflect regulatory revisions

For further information about our IOSA programme and the IOSA process please download our factsheet "IOSA Certification" in our Library.

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