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IOSA Audit.

Conformity with international safety standards.

The audit will be performed by a team of five specially trained IOSA auditors for a period of five days (25 man-days) on-site. During the audit, Aviation Quality Services verifies the conformity with the IOSA criteria regarding documentation and implementation. There are eight IOSA scopes, which will be checked by the audit team: Organization and Management System (ORG), Operational Control and Flight Dispatch (DSP), Aircraft Engineering and Maintenance (MNT), Cabin Operations (CAB), Ground Handling Operations (GRH), Cargo Operations (CGO), Security Management (SEC), Flight Operations (FLT).

Once you have successfully gained your IOSA certification, it will be valid for two years. Your renewal audit can be initiated 150 days prior to the expiry date of your IOSA registration.

Prior to the actual audit we also offer you the IOSA Preparation Visit (IPV). This service has proven to be highly beneficial to learn about techniques for conducting IOSA self-preparation activities. We recommend it generally for the initial IOSA certification, however, for the renewal registration as well, especially when internal processes have been changed, new employees are involved in IOSA, a new IOSA Standards Manual (ISM) edition has been published, etc.

For further information, you can download our factsheet "IOSA Certification". You will also find further interesting facts on IOSA in our library.

Please also have a look at our customer reference list, since we performed successfully more than 650 aviation audits at airlines all over the world.

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