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The AQS Quality Card offers the possibility to benefit from any registration for public AQS courses*, no matter if registration is done by the cardholder himself, a business partner, colleague or friend using the AQS Quality Card.

How can I as a cardholder benefit from the AQS Quality Card?

As a cardholder of the AQS Quality Card, you receive a 10% discount for every registration to one of our public AQS training courses. In addition you can collect up to 5,000 Miles&More and we grant you 4,000 award miles on top as a thank-you for recommending AQS.

How can my friend, business partner or colleague benefit from the AQS Quality Card?
When your friend, business partner or colleague registers for a public course with your AQS Quality Card, he/she will receive a 10% welcome bonus on the regular course fee for every registration.

How can I get my personal AQS Quality Card?
All participants who have already taken part in one of AQS' numerous training courses can order the card here. Everyone else who might join a training course for the first time will receive his/her personal AQS Quality Card on the last training day.

How will the award miles be credited?
During the public training courses you will be provided with a form to fill-in your contact details and Miles&More number. The transfer of your award miles takes approximately four weeks. Please note that the award miles can only be credited to existing Miles&More member accounts. If you don't have a valid member account, please contact Miles&More.

I don't have a Miles&More member account. Does AQS support?
No, unfortunately, AQS can't support you in setting-up a Miles&More member account. Please contact directly our program partners Miles&More.

Can I use the award miles for Star Alliance member airlines?
Yes, you can redeem your collected award miles also for Star Alliance member airlines. Please check the corresponding website of Miles&More for details. The prerequisite is that you have a valid member account of any of the above mentioned program partners.

Can the award miles be credited retrospectively?
Yes, if you don't have a Miles&More member account at the moment of your participation in one of our public training courses, you have the chance to set-up one within twelve weeks after the conduct of the public training course. As soon as you have your personal member number ready, please send us an email with the name of the training and a copy of your certificate. We will credit your corresponding award miles retrospectively within approximately four weeks. However, please note that miles earned in 2018 can not be claimed later than December 31 of 2018.


*Not valid for IOSA Auditor Training due to IATA regulation and Web-Based SMS Training.
 AQS reserves the right to resign this special offer at any time without specification of any reasons.

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