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FAQ Training:

Become an auditor or trainer

Which course is the basic training to become an auditor?

After you have successfully passed the Aviation Auditor Training (AAT) you will be a Certified Aviation Auditor. With this certification you can work as an auditor. If you would like to become an IOSA auditor you also have to attend the IOSA Auditor Training (IAT). You will then be certified by IATA and qualified to work as an auditor for an Audit Organisation (AO).


Which prerequisites are required to become an IOSA Auditor?

The prerequisites to become an IOSA Auditor are as follows:

- completed Auditor Training (AAT or a similiar course)
- completed IOSA Auditor Training
- secondary education or higher
- minimum of 5 years civilian or military aviation experience
- minimum of 2 years experience in at least one IOSA discipline
- auditor qualification & experience
- general knowledge of ICAO, FAR, EU-OPS and similar regulations
- fluent in English, both spoken & written

Please also check the current IPM edition, ch.3 which you can download from our library.


Which training do I need to become an IOSA Auditor?

For becoming an IOSA Auditor, mandatory requirements are the Aviation Auditor Training (AAT) or a similar course and the IOSA Auditor Training (IAT). For both training courses please register online via our website. For further prerequisites please refer to the course description and/or the current IPM Edition, which you can download from our library.


I would like to become a trainer at AQS – What do I have to do?

The general requirements for becoming a trainer at AQS are the following:

- Quality and/or Safety management work experience in the civil or military aviation industry
- Good knowledge of aviation regulations and standards relevant to your area (e.g. ICAO, EU-OPS, EASA OPS, SES, ESARR, ISO 9001)
- Experience as a trainer and/or instructor in the aviation industry
- Fluent in English
- Further language skills are highly recommended

For further details please refer to our website

In case we are looking for new trainers the job advertisement is on our website.


Please contact us if you have further questions.