Alternative Fuel Solutions

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Everything changed - engine fuel did not.

We are still using the same fuel. That’s about to change.

The world is turning to governments and business to reduce the human impact on climate change.
Sustainable biofuels are crucial to providing a cleaner source of fuel to power the world’s fleet of aircraft and help the billions of people who travel by air each year to lower the impact of their journey on our planet.
AQS assists in exploring the opportunities and challenges in developing sustainable biofuels for aviation. Bio-derived oil, commonly sourced from plants such as corn, soybeans, algae, jatropha, halophytes and camelina, is processed and can either be burned directly or converted by chemical processes to make high-quality jet and diesel fuels. These are known as second-generation biofuels and can be used for aviation.

The airline industry’s reliance on fossil fuels means it is affected by a range of fluctuations, such as the changing price of crude oil and problems with supply and demand. In theory, biofuel feedstock can be grown in many places around the world, where the aviation industry needs it. And while, as for petroleum, there will be major producers of biofuel feedstock and it will likely be transported to where it can best be used, it is also likely that local smaller scale supply chains will be established.

The implementation service portfolio of Aviation Quality Services covers a broad spectrum of relevant subject areas, including:

• Aircraft engine emissions

• Noise emissions

• Biofuels

• Emissions trading

• Ground transport links

• Airport and runway expansion

• Aircraft cabin environment

AQS' implementation team consists of qualified experts that welcome your request. We continuously use our understanding, the expertise of our international employees and our strong focus on working together to find new and unique ways to meet our customers’ individual needs. As a result, we are able to offer an exceptionally extensive knowledge to fulfil current as well as future requirements.

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