ISAGO Preparation Services.

Tailored to your needs

IATA's ISAGO (IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations) program became a renowned quality standard for handling services all around the globe. It eases quality control within the industry and helps to save costs by reducing the number of required audits. However, many small ground handling companies and stations are now facing the requirement to join ISAGO in order to remain in the market. Having access to limited know-how and management resources this situation causes a big headache for such handling companies. Having launched the product ISAGO Preparation Services, Aviation Quality Services offers a tailor-made solution for this challenge allowing both large and small ground handling companies a safe and easy way to get onto the ISAGO registry.
Our team consists of ground handling professionals also being ISAGO program experts having gone through many of such audits as auditors. This experience is offered to you for preparing and streamlining your company documentation and operational processes and procedures for successfully accomplishing your initial or renewal ISAGO audit.
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