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lt is our mission to prepare you to become an expert in the aviation industry. For this reason we put together different combinations of our training course portfolio that familiarise you with the most important as well as basic knowledge of the quality and safety area. Below you can find possible bundles. lf you attend both training courses we will hand a special certificate over to you. Please click on the box for further information about the training course and registration.

If you have already completed one of the outlined training course combinations, you are warmly welcome to contact us*. We would be very pleased to prepare you a new certificate which states the respective title. In case you have successfully attended one AQS training course out of the mentioned list below, you have now the possibility to benefit from the training course combinations by participating in another AQS training in order to receive a professional certificate.

Moreover you will get a 10% discount on each of the following training courses if you are an AQS Quality Card holder and receive up to 5,000 Miles. For details, please click here.

*At the time of your request your participation in both training courses should not be longer than three years ago.


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