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Compliance Management Training.

Compliance leads to efficiency in operations.

This training has been designed for all organizations that wish to improve Compliance Management, which is the core element of a functioning management system. Being able not only to monitor but to manage compliance in your organisation constitutes one of the building blocks to guarantee an effective implementation of a management system as required regulations for any aviation organization.

The Compliance Management Training provides you with a deep understanding of aviation related requirements for a Compliance Management System including requirements related to documentation, audit techniques, reporting and management of records. Furthermore it will provide you with guidance on how to ensure your Compliance Management will co-operate with your SMS and how to verify the functionality and regulatory compliance of your SMS.

With the increasing number of "system requirements" in aviation regulations, many airlines and other aviation organisations are facing the challenge of developing a management system that satisfies both the regulator as well as internal requirements. This course will give you both the theoretical background and the tools and practical knowledge needed to successfully implement and operate Compliance Management to strengthen your Management System.

Learn how to implement effective Compliance Management to increase effectiveness of your organization.

A few indicators for problematic management systems in any organization are:

  • One person or department given the responsibility of one of these "systems", e.g. quality or safety
  • Processes and responsibilities in one department not being synchronized with other departments
  • Continuous fire-fighting, often mixed with the belief that "there will be less work next month/quarter"
  • Persons in the organization believe compliance management is done by correcting findings from audits

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Target group
- All levels of management personnel in aviation organisations
- Compliance Monitoring & Safety Managers and their deputies
- Internal auditors
- Operational Team leaders (Scopes FLT, CAB, DSP, MNT, GRH, CGO, SEC)

None. Practical work experience in aviation operational areas may be valuable.

Objectives & Syllabus
Gain relevant knowledge of how to implement a functioning compliance management system to fulfil the requirements of aviation regulations. Understand the process oriented approach and build up a corporate responsibility to lead the organisation to a successful compliant management system.

By attending this course, you will learn industry best practices for the different management system elements, as well as the tools needed for e.g. process design. For a more detailed description, please click here for the syllabus.

After successfully passing a written exam the participants will receive a certificate at the last training course day.

5 days

Frankfurt (Germany) or worldwide, according to customer demand.


We will provide you with different hotel suggestions for every location after your registration. Please note that hotel accommodation is not included in the training course fee and should be arranged directly by the training course participant.

September 2 - 6, 2019 in Frankfurt (Germany)
November 18 - 22, 2019 in Frankfurt (Germany)

Course Fee
EUR 1,790.00 excluding VAT.
For registering with the AQS Quality Card you will receive a 10% discount on the course fee. When you register, mark the check box "I have an AQS Quality Card ID Number" and enter your Quality Card ID Number.

Miles & More
Upon successful completion of the training, we will reward you with 1000 Miles and More Award miles for every attended training day!

In-house Training
In case it is not possible for you to join one of our open courses at the suggested dates, you have the opportunity to book an in-house course.

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