Safety Culture

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The training is a relevant component for all managers who want to understand and influence the importance of organisational dynamics and factors influencing safety. It gives you an overview of the importance of organizational climate and organizational culture. In addition to presenting various forms, this training will also address the role of leadership. Ways for determining the degree of cultural and climatic aspects in an organization will be presented and furthermore, possibilities for actively improving them will be developed in an interactive training format. 

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Participants will understand and learn how to apply the concepts and precepts of safety culture. They will gain the necessary skills for assessing the benefits and challenges related to safety culture within an organization.


  • From hunting for failure to understanding success – a history of organizational safety culture
  • Safety culture concepts and characteristics
  • The role of leaders
  • Assessing safety cultures
  • Alignment of safety culture throughout the organization
  • Enhancing safety culture and resilience when faced with commercial pressure
  • Driving cultural changes

Target Group

All personnel who have a safety critical function within the organization (e.g. flight and cabin crew, maintenance, ground personnel, etc.)




After successfully passing a written exam the participants will receive a  Certificate on the last day of the course.

1.250 EUR excl. VAT
Course language : English
2 days
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Dates & Location
Limited spaces available, please contact us for more information: [email protected]
29.07.2024 - 30.07.2024
Frankfurt, Germany (on-site)
02.12.2024 - 03.12.2024
Frankfurt, Germany (on-site)