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Training Schedule

AQS Training Schedule 2017


Fact Sheets



Newsletter 01_2015

Newsletter 02_2015

Newsletter 03_2015

Newsletter 04_2015

Newsletter 05_2015




IPM 7 Temporary Revision 1

IOSA Standards Manual Ed 10 Rev 1

ISM 10 Rev 1 Temporary Revision 1

IOSA Regulatory Cross-Reference List ISM Ed 10

IOSA Observations Checklist ISM Ed 10 Rev 1

IOSA Audit Handbook for Airlines Ed 3

IOSA Audit Handbook Part III Ed 11

IOSA SMS Strategy

IOSA Q5 Auditee Manual Ed 2

Enhanced IOSA Project Closure Report

IOSA Vision Document

IOSA Standards Manual Ed 10 Rev 1 Word Checklist

IATA Reference Manual for Audit Programs Ed 8

Operator's Self-Evaluation Form for IPM 7.7

IOSA Standards Manual Ed 10 TR 1 Word Checklist

IOSA Program Manual Ed 8

ISM 10 Rev 1 Temporary Revision 2

ISM 10 Rev 1 Temporary Revision 3

ISM 10 Rev 1 Temporary Revision 4

IOSA Standards Manual Ed 11

IOSA Standards Manual Ed 11 Word Checklist

IOSA Digital Transformation Strategic Paper

Conformance Report Template ISM Ed 11 (v35.1)

Conformance Report Template ISM Ed 11 (v36)

IOSA Program Manual Ed 9

ISM.F02 - CAB Cabin Systems Equipment (Table 5.4 5.7) NEW!

ISM.F03 - FLT Aircraft Systems Equipment (Table 2.9 2.12) NEW!

IOSA Audit Handbook - Procedures and Guidance Ed 8 NEW!




ISAGO for Airlines

ISAGO SMS Strategy

ISAGO Standards Manual Ed 5

IATA Reference Manual for Audit Programs Ed 8

ISAGO Q5 Auditee Manual Ed 4

ISAGO Program Manual Ed 2

ISAGO Word Checklists Ed 5

ISAGO SMS Audit Guidelines

ISAGO Audit Handbook

ISAGO Q5 Auditor Manual

ISAGO Standards Manual Ed 6 NEW!

ISAGO Word Checklists Ed 6 NEW!

ISAGO Mandatory Observations Checklists NEW!

ISAGO SMS Strategy Ed 2 NEW!

ISAGO SMS Audit Guidelines NEW!




ISSA Standards Manual (ISSM) Ed 1

IATA Standard Safety Assessment - Overview

IATA Standard Safety Assessment - Brochure

IATA Reference Manual for Audit Programs (IRM) Ed 8 NEW!

ISSA Program Manual Ed 1

ISSM Ed 1 Word Checklists

Frequent Asked Questions


Safety Management System

SMS with AQS
Safety Management Manual
Safety Management System Introduction
Safety Management System Non-Aviation (German)
ICAO SMS Implementation Plan
Compliance of EASA system and EU-OPS with ICAO Annex 6
Luftverkehrssicherheitplan (German)
Einführung von SMS Systemen in deutschen Flugbetrieben (German)
SMS regulation FAA March 2015

Fatigue Risk Management System

Fatigue Management Documents and Toolkits

Scientific Publications

Preparing a Business Aviation Company for IOSA


AQS Press Release_EASA OPS_Apr14
AQS Press Release_EASA OPS_ACC3_Nov13
300 IOSA Audit AQS at LAN Airlines
Costs and benefits of becoming IATA member
How to become an IATA member 2010
EU 859-2011 - ACC3
EU 1082-2012 - ACC3
How to use Qbase

Standard Terms and Conditions
                                                                                                   Standard Terms and Conditions_AQS_English
Standard Terms and Conditions_AQS_German

Data protection

Data protection_AQS_English

More information about AQS

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